RADIUM GIRL Floating Home DIGITAL TWIN NFT #nft #nfts #nftart #nftcommunity #nftgames #nftcollector

FIRST EVER Physical Real Estate NFT!

Radium Girl is a unique floating home and a residence located in historic Sausalito by the San Francisco Bay.

The 400 or so floating homes in the affluent suburb reflect a proud bohemian history that began more than a century ago. Musicians, artists, writers and poets, beatniks, and hippies flocked here in search of an alternative lifestyle, and an art scene flourished in the 1940s and ‘50s in particular.

It becomes obvious my the owner named his remodel as Radium Girl when you come at night, the entire building is illuminated by the skillfully combined lamps and LED lights.

Digital Twin Property Collectible was created from a scan of the real property and thus delivers the most accurate representation of the original. Generated from the point cloud files with the laser scanner, this hi-poly model is produced at the highest resolution possible. The rotating model thus showcases all the phases of the creation that went into producing this photo realistic rendering

This is the first collectible boxed item in the set of RARE PROPERTIES /COLLECTION #001

This is a proof of concept of digitizing real estate on the blockchain as NFTs. Become part of the NFT legacy by having one of this tokens in your collection.

Scanning Modeling and Animation by
Ananta Govinda