Immortal Dusk – 2283 MMR Season 21 Gameplay | Axie Infinity

Project Synn features an Axie Infinity build, current meta, and cheap build for the arena gameplay.

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God Dawn →—2620-MMR-Season-20-Gameplay-Axie-Infinity.24972174
New Undying Cuckoo →—2326-MMR-Off-season-Gameplay-Axie-Infinity.25047625
Annoying Strawberry Healer →—2294-MMR-Season-20-Gameplay-Axie-Infinity.25028417
Smart Feather Bird →—2258-MMR-Off-season-Gameplay-Axie-Infinity.25047624
Energy Beast →—2054-MMR-Off-season-Gameplay-Axie-Infinity.25047620

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Current Ranking → 334

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Song: Axie Infinity Trap Beat | “Lunacia” | Prod.Z-Kei
Music provided by Z-Kei

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