Cozy Grove – Day 6- Selfie TIME , Maximize coin from Fishing

Heyo peeps, this is Gramgoyle and welcome to mi journey as Spirit Scout in Cozy Grove.

Today I finally bought the camera because of today’s quest. It pretty fun quest actually :). Also new wild trees are spawning o/. New late summer shells are washed on the shore ¦3 pretty shells.

After learning more about fishing since I got new “energetic” fish kind, I learn properly how to make money from fishing. By recycling them to fishbones since the converter is either break even or you will gain profit.

I also start to dabbling in bakery now, since I have some spirit essence that I can spare for cooking. Of course it’s for collection since if I turn in collection it will give me more recipe to make o/. It’s never ending cycle (for now xD)


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